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APK MIUI Home Launcher Download

Itching for some action MIUI phone? Well, chances are you already rooted smartphone and flashed MIUI popular custom ROM. If but can not or do not want to flash a custom ROM said, you can always give a large part of the taste of the recently published MIUI style launcher that works on all Android devices. SC20110819-165624 launcher comes from the guys from XDA Developers. User Quinny899 took the Chinese version of the style known as rocket MIUI Desktop Tencent and translated it into English using Android Translator by UziTech. MIUI Launcher looks and acts very similar to the original: no not drawer applications, applications are spread across multiple homescreens available in IOS-fashion, they are custom icons support topics as well as the ability to store multiple applications within folders. Z XDA

Tencent Desktop is a translation from Chinese Style Launcher MIUI Dev. drawer has no application has some MIUI icons, themes, and supports iPhone / MIUI double folders. It runs very smoothly on slow phones(like my LG GT540) and has dockbar support up to 4 icons.

Applications such as Gmail, Maps, Search, etc. have their own MIUI as icons, while the rest of the icons to have a transparent background. This is not the same as the original ROM MIUI, but it's pretty close. Additional effects for downloading MIUI analog clock widget[ Link Market ] We have personally tested the launch of our Galaxy Samsung S units II and may confirm that it works as advertised. Installation is easy launcher. Go to Settings> Applications and check Open Source to sideload non-market applications. Then go ahead and download the file. Apk on the Android smart phone from the link at the end and install it. It is not require rooted phone. recommend going on Vipitus “ download the update packages icon.

  • Download Quinny899 in MIUI-Style Launcher[Direct Download]
  • Download Vipitus “Update Launcher MIUI[4shared link]

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